Nederland – Colorado

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Stopping to explore the smaller mountain town of Nederland while traveling through Colorado, you will find you have discovered a town that is like no other. Located just west of Boulder and tucked away in the Rocky Mountains in a breathtakingly beautiful area filled with peaks and valleys, Nederland is well known for its rich history in both mining and music.

During our visit there, we stopped at many of the unique shops found there while still being able to enjoy the amazing views and the natural beauty found all around us. The owners of the shops as well as a few of the locals were quite friendly and very helpful in regards to information about the history of this small, quaint community.

While staying in Nederland, you can explore the town and enjoy a variety of activities ranging from visiting nearby Rocky Mountain National Park to Nederland’s local sport activities such as skateboarding or rollerblading at the local skateboard park.

If skiing is more your thing, there’s plenty of slopes to be found at Eldora Mountain Resort during the winter months.

There is the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area to explore and in town or nearby Campgrounds and Resorts, Hiking, and Backpacking. You can also enjoy Fishing, Biking, and Rock Climbing locally as well.

Boulder, Colorado, is just a few miles away and is home to some of the nation’s finest mountain restaurants for those who may be looking for an excitingly different dining experience.

One of the best moments of my visit to Nederland occurred when I had decided to explore the town on a warm summers night, finally finding myself on a tiny wood bridge overlooking a small bubbling brook.

The weather being at just the right temperature, I stayed at that bridge for quite a while, enjoying the peaceful sound of the flowing waters – the sounds of raw nature surrounding me and the call of frogs and birds singing filling the air.

As night time approached, it became even more peaceful, and as the sun set, a slight chill settled into a gentle mountain breeze. Suddenly it were as though someone had parted thick curtains made of clouds from the sky above me, clearing the way for a spectacular show of the most perfect star lit sky I have ever seen.

Thousands of shimmering stars now filled the dark sky, the light of their brilliance shining like millions of diamonds as they lit up the Heavens far above me. I stood in awe, the sky seeming to move closer to me, leaving me feeling as though I could reach up and touch the stars in all their glory.

I was amazed at that very moment, feeling as though I truly was on top of the world as I stood on that little bridge high up in the mountains.

I watched as falling stars blazed their way across the sky, their light fading into the vast darkness of the night as others twinkled even brighter as though to light the way for everything around them.

It was then I fell in love with this quiet little town, the beauty of all to be seen while there both day and night staying with me for years to come.

For those who love star gazing and anything nature, whenever you have the chance to travel through Nederland, Colorado, be sure to stop and take the time to really soak in the true beauty of all that makes this unique town so spectacular.

Nederland is also known to be a part of what is commonly referred to as the Peak to Peak Community, making it the perfect place to start your Rocky Mountain adventure.

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