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Mary Scanlon has been an active writer since she was a young girl. Writing anything from her life journals, to beautiful poetry, to newspaper and main stream articles which have had a huge impact upon her readers, she had managed to win the hearts of many people early on through the stark simplicity and bold transparency of her writings and had gone on to receive various awards while in her early twenties as she then quickly began to gain national recognition for many of her interesting and highly detailed and descriptive writings regarding her poetry, exciting experiences in life, in nature and the great outdoors, as well as her many colorful and life changing experiences she has had with God while out exploring some of the most beautiful destinations found in the United States and beyond.

Throughout most of her earlier years, she would often think about traveling to many various locations in the world and she would then write about the adventures she could very clearly picture herself having, her pen taking her to places she would later see and experience firsthand as an adult.

After her life drastically changed for the better through her personal relationship with the Lord, she realized her love for nature has always been a huge part of her life and she earnestly began exploring and enjoying more of the raw, pristine beauty found in all the Lord has created in nature, wildlife and the great outdoors, in general.

Throughout the years since, she had made it a point to spend quality ‘family time’ with her children, taking them on vacations to various different destinations throughout the United States, leaving the suburbs and oftentimes stressful ‘city life’ behind in exchange for the simplicity and peace found while enjoying quiet family vacations at various beautiful outdoor destinations.

Over the years while teaching her children to have a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors, she and her family had frequently traveled to some well known man made destinations as well as to several nature and wildlife filled destinations such as the Rocky Mountains and Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, the Appalachian Mountains, Smoky Mountain National Park, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, the Black Hills, Custer State Park and the infamous Wildlife Loop just to name a few.

While on her Journeys, she has visited several well known cities located in the very heart of some of the most beautiful landscape and scenery found in the mountains, valleys and hills of the United States, bringing her to cities such as Aspen, Estes Park, Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Golden, Durango, Nederland, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Gatlinburg, West Yellowstone, Rapid City, Hill City, Custer, Jackson Hole, Butte, Libby, West Glacier and many more as well as bringing her to some of the more smaller nature and wildlife filled destinations they discovered in states such as their home state of Minnesota as well as in Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Arizona, and many more.

Mary had also spent time living in Texas for almost 2 years and had lived overseas in Europe, more specifically, in the cities of Weilerbach and Kauserslautern, located in Germany, for 3 years, leaving her with very fond memories of the German lifestyle, culture, and European food and drink that still very much impacts her life to this day.

Spending quality time over the years doing the very things she loves the most such as traveling, camping and fishing with her family has fueled many of her children’s desires as adults to continue on with their own quests of exploring the wilderness and the great outdoors as well as has given them a deeper appreciation for learning all they had about nature, wildlife and the outdoors while they were younger as they now enjoy, their own camping, hunting and fishing adventures at whatever travel destinations their heart brings them to.

Mary currently lives in the western suburbs of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area along with her two adorable dogs, Generosa and Zoe, where she continues writing articles, blogs and Journals as a Free Lance Writer and Travel Writer and Reviewer, as well as writing the majority of the articles found here on

Her desire is to continue encouraging people all over the world to live healthy, to get out and enjoy life as much as they can and to travel and experience what the world has to offer, as well as to help people all over the world recognize that THEY are the creator of their own Unique Adventure.

She loves encouraging all to explore the many seas of opportunities in the world for Travel and to then create their own educational and/or uplifting Travel Experience or Adventure that will leave a positive and/or life changing influence and impact on their life as well as on the lives of their children and grandchildren for generations to come – all while creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

She hopes to bring much needed awareness to how precious of an experience it is to simply enjoy the natural raw pristine beauty which can be found in the great outdoors through nature and wildlife while exploring various destinations, whether man made or God Created.

If you have comments or questions for Mary or would like information on how you can request to have Mary travel to your location and give a Written Review of your Vacation or Travel Destination or Business, you may contact her by using the form on the Contact Page of this website or by clicking HERE.

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