The “Never Again” Experience

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Have you ever had one of those seemingly heart stopping moments or a ‘terrifying’ experience where you repeatedly told yourself ‘never again’ during what you deemed to be the ‘scariest’ part of the experience only to realize afterward that you were totally overreacting and it really WAS NOT that bad at all?

Yes, I think we have all been there at one time or another at some point in life. While we may momentarily ‘swear off’ repeating what we, at the time, ‘rightfully’ concluded was a ‘frightening’ experience, for the most part, many of us feel and re-live the excitement of the moment over and over – and many more of us wish we could or would ‘dare’ our inner ‘wild child’ to do it again.

While there may be some challenges to experimenting with what we feel are ‘scary’ adventures we may want to try when we are on vacation or while traveling various parts of the world, the truth is, we will not overcome our fear of heights, of depths, of lengths, of speeds, of the unknown, or of anything else until we confront those fears head on and learn to conquer them.

Some of the all time greatest and most beautiful views found in the land and seascapes around us come by way of parasailing, by way of parachuting, by hot air balloons, by helicopter, by tourist planes, by rock climbing up the side of a cliff, by mountain climbing, etc, and there is no better way to enjoy the many beautiful views for the first time (and for many times after) than by ‘jumping in with both feet’.

The beauty of jumping in with both feet is that once we have done the very thing which we were afraid of doing, for the most part, we will find that the fear has subsided, and we are able to then continually conquer that fear until the fear becomes Victory and adrenaline driven excitement for what we are experiencing while enjoying our day out, vacation or travel, in general.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to just go ahead and conquer your fears is to make it a point to really change your mindset regarding whatever it is from a negative mindset of fear to a positive mindset of “I can do this” and then commit to conquering at least one (or more) fear(s) a month until you are comfortable with it and thoroughly convinced by the fact that there is NOTHING that will ever hold you back from the freedom of enjoying life and its many adventures ever again.

You may also want to consider making a detailed list of the things you always wanted to do or some of the things you always wanted to try and then pick one (or more) of these things a month with the goal of accomplishing them, and then continue to work toward checking the list off until you have conquered anything and everything that has ever gotten in your way of trying new things or new adventures in life.

Here is a sample list of some adventurous or fun things one could try:

• Parasailing or Paragliding

• Skydiving

• Mountain Climbing

• Scuba-diving

• Deep Sea Fishing

• Rock Climbing

• Flying or Piloting

• Extreme Sports

• Chairlift Sight-seeing

• Zip-lining

• White Water Rafting

• Hiking Mountain or Wilderness Trails

• Cave Exploring

• Horse Back Riding

• Camping Out in the Wilderness

• Mountain Biking

• Canoeing or Kayaking

• Fossil Excavating

• Gold / Diamond / Gem Panning

• Wildlife Safari’s

• Traveling the World

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