Three Bear Restaurant – West Yellowstone, Montana

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My husband and I first experienced the great meals Three Bear Restaurant has to offer on one of our many trips traveling the United States. At this particular stop at one of America’s favorite tourist destinations, Yellowstone National Park, we had spent the day sightseeing in the Park, taking our time and enjoying the Pristine Beauty found in the Nature and Wildlife that abounds these areas of Montana and Wyoming.

Though I had traveled in the past to Wyoming, Montana, and West Yellowstone to enjoy viewing the wildlife and scenic beauty of Yellowstone National Park, my husband, who is from Johannesburg, South Africa, had not, and was enjoying anything and everything the Park had to offer, taking his time to soak in everything on that first trip there.

After seeing an abundance of wildlife, hot springs, geysers, mountain lakes and more, we settled into a motel in West Yellowstone and found our way to the Three Bear Restaurant for a late Wedding Anniversary Dinner.

We found the atmosphere charming, the rustic Yellowstone feel very much present. I mean, who wouldn’t love to dine in the YNP area with such a gorgeous view of this bustling little town as well as the Park all around us?

It was absolutely amazing!

The Restaurant décor brought to life the very Nature and Natural Beauty of the Park with its many photos of the Yellowstone area and its rich history. Looking at many of the photos reminded us of the places we had just left in the Park and how amazing it was to be able to see it all first hand.

Upon ordering, I settled for the Big Game Meatloaf, made from a combination of Elk, Bison, and Beef while my husband ordered the Grilled Salmon Filet, made with fresh, locally caught Salmon straight out of the Pristine Mountain Streams. And of course, we shared a bite or two (or three) of our plate so we could taste what the other was enjoying.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am usually rather reserved when it comes to eating wild game, but I can tell you that after having the Three Bear’s Big Game Meatloaf, I am now more inclined to try just about anything.

The meatloaf was very tender, seasoned just right to where I really couldn’t detect that ‘gamey’ taste or texture and could only enjoy its delicious taste. I ordered it with mashed potatoes, which are made with incredibly fresh Idaho potatoes that come from nearby Idaho, making the ‘western mountain’ feel (and taste) of the meal complete.

Tasting my husband’s Salmon, I almost regretted not ordering that instead, as I have never tasted Salmon so fresh, grilled to perfection, its buttery, lemony taste melting in my mouth with every forkful. He had ordered the Rice Pilaf on the side, and we both found that even the rice was cooked to perfection, complimenting the Salmon in the best way possible.

I tell you, there is NOTHING like eating fresh Salmon, one of our favorite meals even at home, and we had decided right then and there that one of these days we are going to go fly fishing and catch our own fresh Salmon either here in Montana or somewhere in Alaska – the Salmon ‘capital’ of the United States.

Everything about our Anniversary Dinner at Yellowstone’s Three Bear Restaurant helped to make a perfect ending to a long day of taking in the amazing sights while enjoying the mountain atmosphere.

For those who are looking to travel to Yellowstone National Park, I recommend dining at Three Bear Restaurant so you can see for yourself why it is a favorite among so many.

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