Gooseberry Falls – Two Harbors, MN

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Considered the gateway to the North Shore area of Lake Superior, Gooseberry Falls is known for its magnificent waterfalls and its incredibly scenic river gorge.

The northern shoreline of beautiful Lake Superior borders the area which is widely known to be greatly populated with Minnesota wildlife, many of which you are sure to see on any one of your visits to the area.

For those who have a desire to see and view wildlife of every sort, the many species of Minnesota’s beloved ‘Northwoods Wildlife’ include:

• The Bald Eagle

• Many varieties of Ducks and Geese

• White-tailed Deer

• Wolves

• Coyotes

• Bear

• Moose

• Snowshoe Rabbits

• Bats

• Red Fox

• Mink

• Raccoons

• Long-tailed Weasels

• Skunks

• River Otters

• Mountain Lions

• Lynx

• Bobcats

• Painted and Snapping Turtles

• Frogs

• Snakes

• and much more…

Though Loons are not known to nest near the chilly waters of Lake Superior, they are still very much present in these areas and are still very much a Minnesota favorite as well as the Minnesota State Bird.

One of my all time favorite sounds when it comes to wildlife, the beautifully distinct call of the Loon can be heard echoing along the shores of Lake Superior, instantly making one want to stay and listen to them for hours at a time while taking in the Pristine Beauty of the surrounding landscape and the activity of nearby wildlife.

Gooseberry Falls and its surrounding areas are rich with the beautiful colors found in the multitude of different trees and other foliage, which only enhances its unspoiled Natural Beauty.

While visiting the area, you can hear the powerful roar of the Gooseberry River as you take in the engaging view of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls as they gracefully cascade down the rocky gorges which line the waters edge.

You can stay for as long as you would like and enjoy the beauty of the Spectacular Falls and its surrounding forest of trees and wildlife, or you can also go and explore the area and discover one of Gooseberry Falls best known secrets: an ancient lava flow which is known as Picnic Flow.

For those who did not know, there is also a 5th Falls at Gooseberry Falls Park which can be found in the midst of a beautiful forest of evergreens, aspen, and birch trees, which makes the hike there quite a delightful Journey.

Along the way you will enjoy an abundance of the smaller wildlife busy scampering around you and going about their business – reminding you of just how rustic this area really is.

During your extremely peaceful visit to Gooseberry Falls, you can enjoy picnicking on the beautiful scenic shores of Lake Superior, you can spend a night or two or more camping out at one of the Park’s modern campsites, or you can book a cabin at one of the many nearby Rustic Northwoods Campsites or Lake Superior Resorts.

Any time while traveling through the Two Harbors, Minnesota, area, be sure to stop by Gooseberry Falls and take in some of its Natural Pristine Beauty that will make your Northern Minnesota visit one that will stay with you and your family for quite some time.

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