The Story Behind The Creator Experience

Discover How It All Started


For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in knowing whether or not there was a God who existed, and if so, how could I come to know Him for who He is – God – and get close to Him?

I grew up in a house that knew very little religion – a house where we did not discuss things like this.

For most of my life I was under the impression that Jesus Christ died on a cross because He must have done something really horrible to deserve it.

Well, He didn’t. His biggest ‘crime’ according to some of the people back in His day?

It’s my understanding that His biggest ‘crime’ (which really wasn’t even a crime at all) that was punishable by crucifixion was, in part, His trying to teach people how to draw close to God and His Kingdom, how to live in a Godly manner that is pleasing to Him, and loving us enough to die in our place on the cross so we could be free from all things – resulting in His paving the way for us to be able to commune with our Heavenly Father in the process.

I came to know the Lord as my Personal Savior in 1999.

I never knew love like this before. After years of being bullied and abused, trying to fit in ANYWHERE, I found that the one place I instantly fit in and was loved and accepted unconditionally, was with God.

I’m not perfect, but He still loves me in spite of my flaws, which keeps me in a place of desiring to know MORE of Him. It keeps me coming back for more time and again – and I enjoy every moment of it.

I quickly caught on that because I had Jesus living inside of me, where I go, He goes.

And because I realized where I go, He goes, I also quickly caught on that I could draw close to God from ANYWHERE I wanted to, and I set out to do just that.

Then the Lord started challenging me.

His challenge was and still is to SEEK HIM and FIND HIM with all my heart no matter WHERE I am at.

And that’s how The Creator Experience began.

The Lord challenged me every time I traveled somewhere to call upon Him – seeking Him and the Beauty of His Tangible Presence wherever I was at until I found it and it overwhelmed me, compelling me to stay in that Place of His Presence until He was done doing whatever He wanted to do.

Each Experience with Him has been different because it occurred in a different location at a different time under different circumstances – and a different location at a different time under different circumstances ultimately means a Uniquely Different Encounter takes place every time.

Many of my Encounters with Him include the multitude of times I would search for Him with all my heart and find Him and His Calming, Peaceful Presence while surrounded by the Beauty of all He has created, and the Encounter would almost always cause me to have some sort of life changing Experience.

Other times I would find Him while out at a Prayer meeting, in a noisy building where I would find myself desperately seeking a (at times semi) quiet place to retreat to by myself to Pray and Seek the Lord, and the Lord would show up with the Sweet Fragrance of His Presence and He would Heal people who needed Healing.

It has always been my heart to teach and encourage people how they, too, could get into the Presence of the Lord so they could have the Ultimate God Encounter – a Creator Experience – that would forever beautifully change their life.

Over the years I have also heard from people who were frustrated because they felt they couldn’t find His Presence to experience it for themselves or they were unable, for one reason or another, to travel somewhere they felt they wanted to travel to in order to have a God Encounter while taking in the Beauty of all He has created – and thus – this website was born.

This website gives me a platform to use to Journal my Encounters with God in beautiful detail that is meant to attract the readers attention and captivate your heart as I bring you with me on my Journey of discovering the next Greatest Encounter with God so you, too, can see how easy it is to have a Creator Experience and thoroughly enjoy the Lord’s Presence in your life like never before.

This Journey of finding and having the Ultimate Creator Experience truly is a Great Revelation about the Love God has for all of us and how He desires to bring His Presence into any situation and into every detail of your life no matter where you are at, what is happening at that particular moment, or what you are doing at the time.

It’s a fascinating ever-changing Journey of Finding God Everywhere.

My goal is to bring all who read my book or online Journal great enjoyment, soothing peace, and even at times, much needed Healing through the reading of my Creator Experiences all while encouraging you to have your own Encounter with God with the hope that it will help you draw even closer to Him in Relationship and compels you to seek Him with all your heart in order to commune with our Heavenly Creator on a consistent basis wherever and whenever you can – and most importantly, to be able to accomplish it from right where you are at.

And this is where my heart still is…

See you at the Encounter!


“Then shall you call upon me, and you shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:12-13