The Creator Experience

So much can be said for THE Creator Experience! While YOU are the sole creator of what occurs during your own ‘fun time or for your Vacation or Travel Experiences, you also have the option of thoroughly enjoying the amazing Beauty, Peace and Tranquility which can be found while indulging in the ultimate CREATOR Experience – a close up and very personal experience with the Creator of man, the universe, the earth, and everything in them. While many people like to have man made experiences in life, there is also opportunity to have a CREATOR made experience – one where GOD is the Creator of the experience you have with HIM!

And there’s no better way to have a perfect Creator Experience than by getting out and exploring some of the most beautiful locations in the world – those places where the Beauty of all the Lord has created surrounds you and you cannot help but feel that much closer to Him – really FEEL His Presence – because everything He has made envelops you, permeating anything and everything about you.

There’s something so incredibly Beautiful about being at the top of a mountain and feeling the Tangible Presence of God all around you – that place where it is easy for your heart and your mind to really recognize and comprehend that there is a Supreme Being who had created YOU as well as everything AROUND YOU.

It is the place where you realize that when you look at God’s Creative Beauty surrounding you, you see Him there in all His Glory.

When the sun rises in the morning, you know it is the Lord that has painted the sky so many different colors, its vibrant hues enlightening your day through the brilliance of His Light.

When the birds sing, you know it is the Lord that has caused their voices to be heard – a New Song being sung exclusively for YOUR ears.

When you hear the roar of the ocean, you know it is the Lord that has caused the currents and waves to slap against the rocks and the sands of time and you know it is Him that has caused the waters to stop without flooding the earth.

The fingerprints and handiwork of our Creator can be found in so many things around us.

In the warmth of the sun by day….In the twinkling light of the stars at night….In the colorful display of a rainbow arching over a rain drenched, dewy sky….In the colorful markings found on the wings of a butterfly….In the fragrance being released from the many beautiful flowers blooming in a field….In the powerfully graceful flight of an eagle soaring through the heights of Freedom found in the sky….

Sometimes it can be easy to get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to take the time to really ENJOY the Beauty of all God has created around us.

If we can just take a few days, or even just a few minutes of our time to HAVE and REALLY ENJOY quiet time with our Creator, the rewards of having the ULTIMATE CREATOR EXPERIENCE is bound to be the most profoundly peaceful and life changing Experience of all time – an Experience which only HE can create and which WE can freely partake of.

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