Wildlife Loop – South Dakota

If you would love to have a close and exciting encounter with some of South Dakota’s most beloved animals, you’ll definitely love the drive along Wildlife Loop Road!

My family and I have enjoyed the wildlife and the donkeys on Wildlife Loop during our many trips to South Dakota, as we try to make it a point to drive through the Loop at least one time per visit.

This drive has great scenery as well as an abundance of wildlife that you will enjoy seeing in their natural surroundings. You will enjoy plenty of antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, deer and mule deer, wild turkeys, elk, coyote, prairie dogs – and yes, everyone’s favorite of all – you will definitely enjoy interacting with the Loop’s extremely friendly ‘band of burros’!

These absolutely adorable donkeys are very well behaved and love to run and greet visitors by getting up close to them (I’m sure to see what you have to offer them) whether in your car or out.

They love having their picture taken, and will often times ‘ham it up’ for the cameras (as we found out when one of them tried to climb inside my vehicle). We have never seen anything as cute as these little (and big) burros, making Wildlife Loop one of our all time favorite drives through South Dakota!

Kids definitely get a thrill out of experiencing the interaction with the donkeys and will be sure to talk about it for days to come!

Wildlife Loop is DEFINITELY worth the drive and highly recommended as a scenic drive to take whenever you may be in the Custer State Park area of South Dakota!

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