Rapid City – South Dakota

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There is SO much to do in Rapid City, South Dakota, one does not know where to start with it all! From shopping and restaurants to adventure and tourist attractions, Rapid City has it all!

While visiting Rapid City, South Dakota, it can be quite a struggle to make ones mind up on which fun adventure to start your day with.

There are dozens of tourist attractions in the Rapid City area such as:

Mount Rushmore
Black Hills National Forest
Bear Country
Reptile Gardens
Dinosaur Museum
Christmas Village
Black Hills Caverns
Rushmore Cave
South Dakota Air and Space Museum
Soaring Eagle Zipline
• And much much more…

…and ALL of them are well worth the visit!

Along with tourist attractions, Rapid City is rich in Black Hills Gold Jewelry and Native American Pottery.

While shopping for Black Hills Gold Jewelry, you will have a wide variety of beautiful jewelry pieces to choose from, such as the Black Hills Gold Floating Heart Pendant with Diamond*, which will make a wonderful gift for someone special in your life!

There are so many beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from, it is oftentimes hard to choose just one!

Maybe you would want to purchase the Split Leaf Diamond Pendant Necklace*, or maybe even the Black Hills Gold Sterling Silver Wedding Set*.

Rapid City’s Black Hills Jewelry is definitely something you would want to check out for its many beautiful designs as it makes the perfect gift that will last for years to come.

Whatever your taste is for Black Hills Jewelry, you will be sure to find just the right selection in Rapid City!

Rapid City also has many other worth while stops where you can shop for things such as custom tee shirts, sun glasses, hats, and other clothing accessories.

You can also find dozens of souvenir and novelty shops, along with a good variety of different restaurants from fast food and take out to dine in.

When it comes to food, you’ll find anything from McDonald’s, Taco John’s, and Sonic to tasty pizza at pizza houses such as Blaze Pizza to finer foods found at Botticelli Italian Restaurant, Tally’s Silver Spoon and Dakotah Steakhouse.

Whatever whets your appetite, you will be sure to enjoy the many different food choices that can be found throughout Rapid City and its surrounding areas!

Other places of interest and fun adventure while in Rapid City and surrounding areas are:

Storybook Island
Chapel in the Hills
Dinosaur Park
Old McDonald’s Farm
Call of the Wild Museum
Thunderhead Falls
Putz and Glo Blacklight Indoor Mini Golf
Firehouse Wine Tasting and Tours
Paddleboarding and Wakeboarding
Souvenir Shops
Black Hills Gold and Silver Shops
• And so much more!

Once you have visited Rapid City, South Dakota, you will see why it is impossible to get to everything on your list in just one visit, which is what keeps you going back year after year (much like we have)!

Tip: Prior to your visit to Rapid City, South Dakota, and/or its surrounding areas, I recommend ordering a free tourism guide from one of the many South Dakota travel websites, such as www.travelsouthdakota.com.

When you receive your free travel package, it will have a wide variety of information pertaining to South Dakota and its surrounding areas and will also include valuable information such as locations of various gas stations, hotels, motels, restaurants, tourist attractions, fun adventures, museums, etc., and will many times also include a variety of coupons good for anything from hotels to mainstream attractions, which will give you a nice discount on the purchase price of tickets to many of the most popular tourist stops in South Dakota.

More about Rapid City to come as I write about some of our many adventures there…

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