Custer State Park – Custer, South Dakota

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Custer State Park, located in Custer, South Dakota, is home to many of South Dakota’s most prominent wildlife! You can get up close and enjoy many of the wildlife right from your vehicle along the infamous 18 mile long Wildlife Loop – a South Dakota favorite visitor destination!

Custer State Park has 71,000 acres of pristine nature and is home to an abundance of wildlife – including antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, deer and mule deer, wild turkeys, elk, coyote, prairie dogs and – most favorite of all – very friendly wild donkeys.

This State Park is also home to one of our nation’s largest buffalo herds which are free to roam the grassy prairies and valleys, making it quite a common occurrence to frequently encounter a buffalo or two (or a dozen or more) while driving through the park and enjoying the scenery.

While traveling through the Park, you will also see many different types of beautiful birds, butterflies, and flowers as well, all while being surrounded by the Beauty of the Black Hills. You can also learn about the park and wildlife at the Park’s Visitor Center.

Whether walking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or rock climbing, you will want to be sure to bring your favorite pair of binoculars* as you find many hours of fun and adventure along the winding roads and trails which can be found in Custer State Park!

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