Duluth – Minnesota

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Home to one of the largest known freshwater lakes in the world, Duluth, Minnesota, is a regular destination for thousands of visitors a year as well as the many large ships that travel here to this main port in the United States, – by way of beautiful Lake Superior – in order to transport the much needed and used coal, rich iron ore (taconite), and grain the Duluth area has to offer.

Located on the northern shore of Lake Superior, Duluth is highly traveled water route that is accessible to ocean vessels traveling to and from the Atlantic Ocean, some 2,300 miles away, by way of the infamous Great Lakes Waterway and the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

A popular tourist destination for Minnesotans as well as visitors from other states, Duluth features the only freshwater aquarium in the United States – the Great Lakes Aquarium.

It is also home to the Aerial Lift Bridge, which spans the Duluth-Superior harbor.

Another popular tourist stop in Duluth is its Minnesota Point – also known as Park Point – a freshwater bay-mouth bar (a sand spit which has grown to completely close off a bay from the main body of water) which spans a very impressive 6 miles.

Those familiar with the Duluth area also know it is the best starting point for some really good road trips along Minnesota’s North Shore (Highway 61 and the North Shore Scenic Drive) which is known to showcase the extreme natural beauty of Lake Superior and its surrounding shores, particularly in the Fall Season when the many varieties of shade trees in this area are ablaze with their fiery autumn colors.

There is not a lack of fun and adventurous things to do while in Duluth, some of which include:

• Walking Lake Superior’s Piers

• Exploring the Duluth area Lighthouses

• Exploring Duluth’s many Restaurants featuring delightfully tasty ‘Northwoods’ food

• Taking in The Tall Ships Festival

• Visiting the large freighter ships and learning about the shipping industry

• The Duluth Zoo

• Sailing

• Charter fishing

• The Great Lakes Aquarium

• Fun water parks

• Popular ski resorts

• Walk Duluth’s many Nature Trails and Parks

• Simply Relax and Enjoy the Great Outdoors

• and so much more!

Duluth is definitely a city where you will need more than just one day to explore its many fun and adventurous things to do…

…and the breathtakingly gorgeous views in the Fall keep us coming back year after year!

For more information on the city of Duluth, you can access the Visit Duluth website at: www.visitduluth.com

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