Packing For Camping – Clothing and Accessories

When traveling and camping in the mountains, you will need to be selective on what clothing to bring with you. While it may be nice and warm or even hot during the day, at night it can get pretty cold in the mountains!

Below is a list of suggested clothing you may want to bring with you when you travel to and camp in the mountains:

1) A Light Jacket or Sweatshirt – A light jacket or a sweatshirt is nice to have for those cool mountain mornings or early evenings where the temperatures are just cool enough to make you want to grab something light to put on to stay warm.

2) A Heavy Jacket – A heavier jacket is also good to bring with as you never know just HOW cool or cold it will get in the mountains at night or if there is a sudden change in the weather during the day. It is always better to be prepared than to find out the hard way that you should have brought something that is a little heavier than the light jacket you had brought along.

3) Thermal Pants and ShirtThermal Pants and Shirts* are good to bring as well, again for those times you may need them for any unexpected weather changes. Those many states experience warmer weather in the earlier to mid parts of the year, many times it is still pretty cool or cold up in the mountains during months you may be used to it being warmer where you live – such as the month of June, for example.

We live in Minnesota, and for us, June is a pretty nice and WARM month for the most part. However, many years ago when we had first gone camping the mountains, we had discovered that the higher the altitude, the WAY cooler it becomes, and we found late June at the top of one particular mountain to be extremely cold yet. Believe me, it was quite a learning experience!

4) Long Pants and Long Sleeve Shirt – Long pants are nice to have for warmth as well as for walking through certain areas of the wilderness, as some parts of the wilderness may be a bit bushy or have thistles or burrs along the walking paths which may scratch your legs if left unprotected.

A long sleeve shirt is nice to have for warmth as well and will help keep you protected against the coolness of the mountain mornings and early evening hours.

5) Shorts and Short Sleeve Shirts – Just as long pants and a long sleeved shirt are great for warmth, shorts and short sleeved shirts are great for those times of your journey where it is warm outside or even hot enough to where you will want to wear something a bit cooler while you are out exploring.

6) Comfortable Walking Shoes or Hiking Boots – Whether you bring your favorite tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes, having something on your feet that will keep you comfortable while walking or hiking is an absolute MUST while in the mountains as the mountain terrain varies so much from one place to the next.

Wearing shoes with a good sole is a must also as many areas in the mountains may tend to be a bit slippery. You want to make sure you have good traction on your shoes or boots so you do not slip and/or fall while exploring the mountainous areas around you.

Again, when it comes to shoes or boots, COMFORT is important because you will be doing a lot of exploring during your trip!

7) Warm Socks – Having warm socks come in handy in case you will want to keep you feet warm at night or while you are out exploring. I also recommend bring at least one pair of thermal insulated socks* to have on hand just in case you may need them.

8) Hat or Sun Visor – You may want to bring a hat while camping in the mountains as well. A nice warm hat will keep your head and ears from getting too cold. A sun hat or softball cap will keep the sun out of your eyes as will a sun visor.

Some other articles of clothing or accessories you may want to consider bringing with you may include:

* Gloves (to keep your hands warm)
* Sandals or other light shoes
* Sunblock
* Sunglasses
* Swim Suit
* Towels and Wash Cloths
* Extra Under Clothing
* Rain Jacket
* Umbrella
* Rain Boots or Waders (for fishing in streams or lakes)
* Hair Brush and/or Comb
* Deodorants
* Lotions
* Bar Soaps
* Shampoo and Conditioner
* Toothpaste
* Tooth Brushes

Again, your local Walmart store has GREAT choices and GREAT prices for many of these travel accessories and is our favorite place to frequently shop at!

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