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The Sky is NOT the limit when YOU are the creator of your own Experience! At times we may have a tendency to put many things ‘in a box’, creating a very Limited Experience with whatever it is we had placed there. Life doesn’t need to be so ‘boxed in’, nor does it need to be so complicated! When you are determined to find the motivation to pursue a great adventure, NOTHING will get in your way of achieving it!

In today’s world, there are so many unlimited possibilities for what one could do for adventure. From camping and fishing at a remote location in the wilderness to a trip on a large vessel for some deep sea fishing, from taking a train ride through the scenic countryside to zip-lining down the side of a mountain, the possibilities are limitless on what you could consider to be fun or adventurous!

If the beauty of nature or the wilderness is not your thing, a more subtle and laid back adventure can be found in many of the local areas near you. Perhaps you would prefer spending the day at a Mall known for its massive size or it’s countless stores, such as the Mall of America (MOA) located in Bloomington, MN.

Or maybe you prefer to enjoy your day sipping gourmet flavored tea and nibbling on scones at some of the best coffee houses in the area. Whatever your adventure preference is, when you take a few minutes of your time to look for the perfect way to spend your day, your day is sure to end in satisfying your appetite for adventure through whatever you had chosen to take on!

Here are just a few great ideas on what you could do for a fun or adventurous day out:

For Mall Lovers – Visit a local area mall or MOA (Mall of America)

Mall of America is widely known as ‘the one stop entertainment shop’. Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America® is located near the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota – the land of over 10,000 lakes (actually, well over 11,000 lakes are in Minnesota – but who’s counting?). It has over 520 shops for you to enjoy tax-free shopping and is home to at least 50 restaurants full of delicious and tasty foods and desserts. It is also home to Nickelodeon Universe® Theme Park which has a wide variety of rides and activities for all ages, SEA LIFE® Minnesota Aquarium – where you can walk through the aquarium water tunnel and get a great view of sea life such as sharks, turtles, seahorses and jellyfish, get close to stingrays and much more. Other fun stops in the mall is FlyOver America – which has a flight simulation ride that brings visitors on an exciting as well as breathtaking aerial tour to view some of the greatest landmarks and regions throughout the United States, Crayola Experience – where the fun and creativity of Crayola comes to life and where children (and adults) can create their own colorful adventure, LEGO Store (come on, who doesn’t love LEGO’s?) – which has 180 various different LEGO elements to choose from as well as a good variety of LEGO play tables to inspire ones creativity as well as eight cool looking larger-than-life LEGO models, including a giant LEGO robot which is over 34 feet tall, and much, much more. And the best part? All of this fun and excitement is located under one roof for your convenience during your travel adventure.

For Science & Archaeology Lovers – Visit a local Science Museum or Archaeology Dig

Wow! Who doesn’t like Science or the interesting facts that go along with it? Who doesn’t like learning about Pre-historic Fossils while discovering some of the greatest treasures ever unearthed? Most Science Museums are home to many different galleries which have great displays on Dinosaurs, Fossils and Rocks, and will many times also host other interesting displays such as detailed exhibits which explain the many complexities involving the Human Body. They may also, at times, choose to have a variety of different displays on hand which cover other interesting topics such as Rivers, Lakes, or Native American or other Cultures. Many times Science Museums will also have an Experiment Gallery where visitors can experiment with various different things pertaining to their exhibits. If you love viewing motion picture movies up close, then you will absolutely LOVE Science Museums which have theaters such as the MN Science Museum’s OmniTheater, complete with its 90-foot giant dome screen which surrounds you with some of the most stunning scenery in the world. It will make you feel as though you are soaring through space at warp speed, and puts you up close and face to face with some of the world’s most fascinating mammals and animals – all without leaving your seat! Science Museums are a fun place to explore and are great for children to explore and to learn from their many exhibits and events. Many States throughout the U.S also have archaeological digs you can visit and watch while they dig into the earth for fossils. Many States sell tickets at dig sites so you will be able to participate in an archaeological dig and experience first hand what it is like to dig for fossils and other earth treasures.

For Art Lovers – Spend the day discovering some of the greatest Artwork locally, nationally, as well as worldwide

If you are anything like me, you will stand in front of the same painting for quite a while – discovering so many different things about one picture. If you look hard enough, many times you will even discover a few different ‘scenes’ within the scenes of what is painted, drawn, etched or sketched on the canvas, paper, wood or other object. A creative mind loves creative work, and if you are creative, you will definitely love spending some time at one of your local Art Museums. Many Art Museums will showcase Art from various local Artists as well as Nationally and Internationally known Artists – some of the best of today as well as those great Artists of the past, such as Picasso, Monet, and Renoir. Many of the more modern Art Museums may not only showcase local Art, but may also have other interesting places to visit while at their Museum, such as Sculpture and/or Flower Gardens, which are oftentimes a favorite destination for visitors who can enjoy not only the indoor Art but also the seasonal outdoor Art displays which may be found on the Museum grounds as well as enjoy the beauty of the Museums showy Flower Gardens.

For Astronomy Lovers – Spend the day or a whole night discovering the breathtaking beauty of the Stars and Universe

I can’t even begin to tell you how many countless nights I have spent gazing up at the brightly lit stars covering a clear Summer night sky for as far as the eye can see. The beauty of our Creator shines through the many stars He had placed in the sky as a means for us to enjoy the radiance of their beauty and His creation. The moon and the stars paint their own illuminating picture in the sky on a consistent nightly basis, their brilliance lighting up the sky’s atmosphere far above us. Years ago I had quickly fallen in love with the mountaintop view of the sky at night, the moon and stars seeming to be so close to me, I felt I could reach out and touch them. If you have a deep appreciation for our Creator and His universe, why not spend the day at a local Planetarium or visit a Space Center and learn first hand about the different galaxies, stars, planets and the universe in general, while getting a chance for a view of a lifetime while gazing at the stars, moon, and planets through a giant telescope. Or better yet, on a beautiful, warm, clear night, you can camp out at your favorite spot at the lake or at the top of the mountains and get the view you love all night long. Enjoying the beauty of God’s creation never gets old, but seems to only get better with time.

For Nature Lovers – Discover great walking or hiking trails at a local Wildlife Refuge, local Nature Park, or at a National Park

Some of the coolest stuff you can find while exploring the great outdoors comes from simply walking Nature or Hiking Trails at a local Wildlife Refuge, Nature Park, or at one of our many National Parks. From beautiful scenery to interesting outdoor buildings and bridges of old, walking through Nature never gets boring. From beautiful butterflies to colorful wildflowers, from birds bathing in creeks and lakes to eagles soaring through the air above you, from mule deer and elk leaping through fields to bears and cubs catching their meal in streams, you cannot help but gain more of a deeper appreciation for Nature as you spend more time being surrounded by its pristine beauty.

For Camping Lovers – Spend the day or weekend camping at a Campground or State Park

When I think of camping outdoors, I can’t help but think of the peace found in the quietness of the nature which surrounds me, not to mention the relaxation that comes any time I find myself camping out in the great outdoors. Just about every county, state, or country has countless camping areas from which you can choose the camping experience according to your preference. If you like the excitement that comes with being around people while camping, you may want to consider booking a tent spot or camping cabin at a well known campground – such as the KOA (Kampgrounds of America) campgrounds – which have several locations in just about every state throughout the United States for you to choose from. Each KOA has its own list of amenities, activities, nearby attractions, as well as resources for you to enjoy during your stay, and have individual campsites and main shower houses for you to use during your stay as well. If you like the quiet of nature and aren’t much of a crowd or people person while you are camping, you may want to consider camping out at a more remote campground, such as many of the campgrounds which can be found in the less traveled areas of many States. State and National Parks are also a great resource for finding campgrounds or camp sites, and offer rustic camping areas for very reasonable rates per night, by the week, or by the weekend. Google is a great resource for finding the perfect campground or camp site which will fit your desire in finding the perfect location for your night(s) out camping.

For Fishing Lovers – Search for local fishing competitions, camping and fishing shows or events, or fish from the shores of a local river or lake

No doubt with well over 11,000 lakes, Minnesota is considered one of the best places in the United States to fish for Muskie, Northern, Walleye, Bass, and pan fish such as Sunfish and Crappies. While most of the ‘prize’ fish are found in the northern lakes of Minnesota, you can still find great fishing spots in Minnesota just about anywhere you throw a line and some good bait. Minnesota has a really strong connection with the public through its many fishing competitions which are known to take place in both warm weather as well as in the winter for ice fishing contests. For those who are avid fishermen (or women), just about every city in Minnesota is rich with camping and fishing resources so you can find the perfect spot for your day, week, or weekend out fishing with your spouse, friends, or co-workers. Minnesota is also not the only ‘hot-spot’ for fishing. Many States located throughout the U.S are known for their great fishing and/or their fishing resources, and most states have camping and fishing information available for you through a local area Visitor Center, or you may obtain information on a State website or through the local DNR office.

Some other great ideas for a day of adventure and fun might include:

• For Outdoor and Nature Lovers – Spend the day exploring the shores of an area lake
• For Nature and Animal Lovers – Visit a local Wildlife Sanctuary to learn about Nature and Mammals or Animals
• For Zoo Lovers – Spend the day at a local Zoo or get involved volunteering for a local Zoo
• For Dog and Cat Lovers – Get involved by volunteering at a local Animal Shelter
• For Horse Lovers – Spend the day riding trails at a local horse farm or horse stable
• For Outdoor Lovers – Spend the day flying a kite at a local school field or other open area
• For Train Lovers – Take a train ride through the countryside or along the local cliff areas overlooking a river or bluffs
• For Food Lovers – Spend the day at a Food Fair or Food Market which showcases different foods to try from different cultures
• For Water Lovers – Take a tour or a cruise along the scenic areas of rivers, lakes, or oceans

The sky truly is not the limit when you take the time to sit down, think about, and make a decision on what you would really like to do for your next Travel Adventure!

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