Vanilla Bean Restaurant – Two Harbors, Minnesota

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Any time you go to Two Harbors, Minnesota, to visit the Split Rock Lighthouse, you will find Vanilla Bean Restaurant along the way in this quiet little town on your drive up MN Hwy 61.

Originally stopping in Vanilla Bean to enjoy a Turtle Mocha Espresso drink, I couldn’t help but peek at the food menu to see what flavorful foods they may have to serve. I found some really interesting items on their menu, such as Wild Rice Porridge, Swedish Pancakes, North Coast Walleye, Cedar Lake Trout, and Iron Ranger Pasty.

Sipping my Turtle Mocha while deciding what to order, I found the drink to actually be quite good. Having managed a chain of coffee shops in the past, I know a good Espresso drink when I see and taste one, and I can honestly say that the Vanilla Bean definitely knows their Espresso.

Being anxious to get back out and explore more of the local shops in Two Harbors on my search for some Lake Superior Agates and other ‘goodies’ from Minnesota’s Northwoods, I decided to get something light, settling on their Border Battle Cheese Curds.

The curds are made with real Wisconsin cheese, and if you’ve ever been to Wisconsin, you would know it is widely known for its many outstanding cheeses, which closed this mid afternoon snack meal deal for me.

Fried golden brown and served with ranch, I savored every last bite of these delicious cheese treats, momentarily forgetting I was still in Minnesota and not at one of Wisconsin’s many cheese factories.

There is only one word for Wisconsin cheese curds….NUMMY! If you ever get the chance, you have DEFINITELY got to try this tasty treat.

Whenever you take the scenic drive from Duluth on up to Two Harbors, be sure to stop by the Vanilla Bean Restaurant and try one of their many award winning menu items. It really does make a great ending to a perfect day of area sightseeing!

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