Bugambilias – Buffalo, Minnesota

If you love authentic Mexican dishes, you will absolutely LOVE Bugambilias – Cocina Latina in Buffalo, Minnesota – a growing country community which is located on MN Hwy 55 and is 40 miles west of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, metro area.

From the moment you walk into Bugambilias, you instantly feel the warmth of the Latino culture all around you. From its extremely upbeat Latin music to its charming atmosphere, Bugambilias is one of the few Mexican restaurants I have found which has the very best of everything you would want in order to enjoy a day or night of dining and fine Mexican food.

Everything about this restaurant is very clean and it has a great, light atmosphere. The food is the best Mexican food I have ever tasted, which makes this restaurant a favorite of ours to visit time and again to enjoy some of our favorite Mexican dishes.

From Tacos to El Talegon (a Mexican dish consisting of Bugambilias best T-Bone topped with grilled shrimp, onions, mushroom and melted shredded cheese, with rice and beans served on the side with three tortillas), you will find whatever satisfies your palate here.

For those who love Enchiladas, you can try Bugambilias Enchiladas Cachetonas which comes with two cheese Enchiladas covered with red salsa and topped with delicious grilled shredded pork, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. Rice and beans are served on the side.

For those who have more of an exotic taste, there’s Bugambilias La Coquetona – fresh pineapple cut in half and filled with a mouth watering combination of grilled shrimp, chicken, fresh mushroom, bell peppers and grilled pineapple. It is also served with rice, beans and three tortillas on the side.

For those who love Burritos, I highly recommend their Texas Burrito – one of our favorites (pictured above). This huge 12″ tortilla Burrito is stuffed full with your choice of delicious grilled chicken, steak or you can order it with both (at no extra cost), and is also filled with mixed rice, beans, and is topped with Bugambilias outstanding tasty cheese sauce. Lettuce, guacamole and sour cream is served on the side.

All of the meals here at Bugambilias are of a great size and of an excellent quality and taste. I highly recommend this restaurant for those who have a real love for delicious and AUTHENTIC Mexican food.

Whenever you have a chance to travel out to the country west of the Minneapolis metro area, stop by Buffalo and be sure to check out Bugambilias during your visit.

I guarantee you will love their food and their excellent and friendly service.

For more information on Bugambilias, please visit their website at: www.bugambiliascl.com

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