Wall Drug – South Dakota

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Any time while traveling through South Dakota along Interstate Highway 90, you will want to be sure to stop by the world famous tourist attraction, Wall Drug Store, which is located in Wall, South Dakota!

One sure way you will definitely not miss the opportunity to stop at Wall Drug while you are traveling along the long stretches of Interstate Highway 90 toward Wall is found in the many various dozens of colorful, cute and funny billboards and other signs that line the highway for hundreds of miles prior to your arrival!

Once arriving at Wall Drug, you will enjoy the many different varieties of shops found there!

You will find shoes, moccasins and boots, purses and handbags, cowboy and sun hats, clothing, accessories, Artwork and other Wall Art, a HUGE variety of souvenirs and novelty items, and much, much more!

From the small travel chapel to the many restaurants with so many delicious foods to enjoy, you will be sure to find Wall Drug a favorite tourist stop for yourself and your family for generations to come!

Tip: Be sure to have a good digital camera* charged and ready for use during your stop at Wall Drug! You will have PLENTY of photo and other snapshot opportunities while shopping inside as well as while walking and exploring outside of the Wall Drug area!

Many of the stores have tourist props inside the complex (such as the Wall Drug Cowboy Orchestra) as well as outside and there is also a visitors area where you can walk and enjoy taking pictures of yourself and your children, including an area where water jets spring up and spray to cool you from the warmth of the summer heat!

There are also several other interesting and cute props to take pictures of such as a giant dinosaur, giant ‘jack-a-lope’, plastic visitor ‘greeters’, etc.

Tip: When traveling and stopping at tourist attractions, I like to use my absolute all time favorite Everest Waist Pack*, which gives me more than enough space for my wallet, keys, phone, camera accessories, as well as a few personal or cosmetic items!

GREAT to have for travelers, like me, who like to have their hands free to explore and look at things or free to take pictures while at a stop!

If you love collecting souvenirs, tasty food, and a good variety of shops, then you will thoroughly enjoy this particular travel stop! Wall Drug is one of those tourist stops where you just simply cannot leave without buying something!

Happy Souvenir Hunting!

For more information about Wall, South Dakota, and Wall Drug, please visit their website at www.walldrug.com

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