Keystone, South Dakota

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Keystone South Dakota is a feel good small town where you would definitely love to spend the entire day simply exploring the wide variety of shops as well as the many various opportunities for fun and adventure you will find there!

From its many attractions, to shops, to great food, Keystone seems to have it all!

On our many trips to South Dakota, my family and I have made it a point to stop in Keystone while passing through on our way to Mount Rushmore or our favorite KOA Campground.

In it’s many souvenir shops, you will find a wide variety of souvenirs and novelty items which are specifically designed and sold in support of the uniqueness of the Keystone area and all of South Dakota, in general.

Along with its many hundreds of different novelty items and souvenirs, you will also find some other really interesting items you can purchase in Keystone such as:

• Mount Rushmore Oil Paintings, Pictures and Prints
• Mount Rushmore Coffee Mugs, Tee Shirts, Caps, and Scenic Magnets
• Mount Rushmore Key Rings, Flashlights and Bumper Stickers
• Keystone Coffee Mugs, Tee Shirts and Scenic Magnets
• Keystone Key Rings and Other Accessories
• Slippers, Shoes, Boots and Moccasins
• Adult and Youth Clothing
• Baby Clothes and Novelty Items
• Jewelry – Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets
• Sweat Pants, Sweat Shirts and Hoodies
• Jeans, Slacks and Shorts
• Travel Mugs, Coolers, and Water Bottles
• Scenic Cell Phone Cases and Other Accessories
• Custom Wood Carvings, Statues and Unique Wall Art
• Sun Visors, Hats and Caps
• Scenic Framed Pictures of Mount Rushmore and Surrounding Areas
• Framed Pictures of South Dakota Prairies and Wildlife
• Turquoise Jewelry and Accessories
• Unique Black Hills Gold and Silver Jewelry and Accessories
• Beautiful Native American Pottery and other Native American Products
• Books, Magazines and Other Informational Publications
• And much, much more!

Along with its many different shops, the list of fun and adventure you will find in the town of Keystone, South Dakota, is indeed a very large one!

There are also an abundance of beautiful hiking and biking trails to enjoy while you take in the surrounding gorgeous views of the Black Hills and its Wildlife.

There are many State and National Parks nearby you could explore as well as Caves nearby, such as Rushmore Cave and Amusement Park, Black Hills Caverns, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, and much more.

And don’t forget the gold panning, train rides through the scenic hilly countryside, chair lift rides, water slides and much more, all of which can be found in Keystone or in nearby areas.

There are also western cowboys dressed in full cowboy attire (complete with spurs – which my kids absolutely loved!) who walk the sidewalks and streets, put on short western skits, and greet and welcome the visitors to the Keystone area (which makes for a really fun and interesting welcome into the town!)

Keystone is also home to many great restaurants where you can enjoy anything from home style pizza, tasty hotdogs or corn dogs, spicy brats or juicy burgers.

Or, if you prefer to dine in somewhere, you can also visit a local restaurant and enjoy one of Keystone’s tasty home cooked meals such as a thick juicy Steak with Potatoes and Vegetables or Grilled Pork Chops and a freshly chopped Garden Salad.

For those who are a little more daring and love the fun adventure and the Wild West atmosphere of Keystone, you may want to try the fresh Venison, Buffalo Steaks or Buffalo Burgers, made from fresh Bison meat, which is found in many of Keystone’s restaurants!

While on one of our visits to South Dakota, I had tried a Buffalo Burger at a local diner in Keystone. While meaty, I found it to taste very similar to Venison with a ‘gamey’ taste to it, yet found it to be very flavorful. Definitely worth the try if you ever visit this small town tucked into the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota!

Other tourist attractions or towns close to or near by the Keystone Area include:

• Mount Rushmore
• Crazy Horse Memorial
• Black Hills State Forest
• Rapid City
• Deadwood
• Sturgis
• Custer State Park
• Needles Highway
• Wildlife Loop
• Several Caves to Tour and Explore
• Several Gold Panning Attractions
• Several Water Parks nearby
• Bear Country
• Reptile Gardens
• Christmas Village
• Mammoth Site / Hot Springs
• Gutzon Borglum Museum (overseer of Mount Rushmore creation)
• Several Native American Pottery and Artifact Shops Nearby
• Dinosaur Park
• Dinosaur Museum
• Mirror Maze
• Miniature Golf
• Cosmos Mystery Area
• South Dakota Air and Space Museum
• And much, much more!

When traveling to Keystone, South Dakota, you will not have a lack of exciting things to see and do! Happy Traveling!

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