Corn Palace – Mitchell, South Dakota

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Who doesn’t love to see the yearly change of the design found on the exterior of a building which is made entirely from – you guessed it – corn?!

If you love corn art or anything corn, you will love Corn Palace, located in the quiet little town of Mitchell, South Dakota!

The many times my family and I have traveled through South Dakota, we made it a point to stop by the Corn Palace and check out the exterior corn design, which changes every year.

Just standing outside and staring up at the extremely detailed design of this massive building is enough to make you wonder for hours at a time about how they were able to accomplish placing the design so perfectly on the exterior of it!

We have seen many themes on its exterior, such as the great outdoors and rodeos, life on the farm, great destinations throughout the United States, as well as many faces of the famous – both old and new – such as Lewis and Clark, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, and many more – all made from corn!

You can get your favorite photo-bomb on with the many adorable props available outside the palace as well as learn about some of the interesting corn facts the Palace shares with the public from inside the building. You can also enjoy fresh corn on the cob, plain and flavored popcorns, corn recipes, and of course, will be able to purchase some unique corn souvenirs as well!

There are other souvenir shops, clothing stores, shoes and accessories stores and many more shops next to the Corn Palace that you will be able to visit and enjoy shopping at while there as well. Kids absolutely love to visit the Corn Palace while traveling through South Dakota and you will too!

Tip: When planning to visit Mitchell’s Corn Palace and to ensure you will enjoy your visit to Corn Palace to its fullest, you may want to call them ahead of time or visit their website for information on when the Palace will be ready for display as well as when the merchants inside the Palace will have their merchandise available for tourists to purchase.

For more information about the spectacular Corn Palace, you can visit their website at:

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