The Grand Canyon – Arizona

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When one thinks of the state of Arizona, many times the mile deep Grand Canyon comes to mind. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Grand Canyon is one of the most remarkable natural wonders known to man.

Located in the southwestern portion of the United States, the Grand Canyon is known as one of the deepest gorges on Earth.

Studying its history, you will find the Grand Canyon was created by the Colorado River cutting through the Colorado Plateau to form the Canyon. It has an average depth of one mile with an average width of ten miles.

Along with these amazing numbers for its depth and width, the Canyon’s length is measured at an impressive 277 miles, making it one of the longest natural gorges in the world as well.

Then, in 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt visited the Grand Canyon and seeing its beautifully unique value, he first established the Grand Canyon Game Preserve in 1906 and had then gone on to designate the preserve as a U.S. National Monument in 1908.

In 1919, the Canyon was finally designated as a National Park by an act of Congress, and it remains so today.

While visiting the Grand Canyon, you can view the magnificent beauty of the Canyon from one of the many tourist stops along either the North or South rim.

Though the drive along the Canyon is in itself amazing, when one steps out of their vehicle and steps onto any of the many designated scenic lookout points, it is as though you had literally stepped into another world.

Gazing at the Canyon with child-like wonder, the amazing colors cutting through its sides come to life throughout various different hours of the day, instantly giving one the sense that the world is so much bigger than you could ever imagine.

Looking out over the Canyon’s large expanse, you can almost feel the roaring power of the river below which had cut its way through the Canyon over hundreds of years.

Watching Eagles soar near the Canyons rim gives it an even more Majestic feel while various critters running wild along the scenic areas of the lookout points constantly reminds one of the Canyon’s pristine value.

For the more daring and adventurous types, you can take a two day hike on a trail leading down into the Canyon. For those whom are not too fond of the idea of hiking the trails, mule rides are available at designated Tourist Stations so you can enjoy a (mostly) relaxing journey to the bottom of the Canyon.

You can also raft down the Grand Canyon by renting a rubber raft, you can ride with a group of rafters or, if you prefer, you can seek the expertise of a rafting guide.

Rafting through the Grand Canyon can be quite an amazing experience, as the Canyon’s rims are not easily visible from a boat on the river below except on a very rare occasion.

After a long day of hiking or rafting, the Phantom Ranch is located near the Colorado River in the deepest part of the Canyon and provides visitors with lodging and has in-room amenities and concierge service.

Because of its massive size and mix of beautiful colors which only add to its grandeur, the Canyon has been and still is a matchless natural wonder which will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

For more information on the Grand Canyon, please visit the Grand Canyon website.

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